What to do with your Delta Skymiles?

With the Delta Gold and Delta Platinum by American Express cards at limited time highs, NOW is the perfect time for you to submit an application! Whether it is 50,000 Skymiles (Delta Gold)or 60,000 Skymiles (Delta Platinum) – take your pick and make your move to free travel!

While some of you may have already taken advantage of this great miles earning opportunity, I have a feeling that there are others out there just waiting to be convinced…

So, welcome to the “Zone of Convincing”…

Zone of convincing - AYP
Welcome to the Zone of Convincing friends…

Some love ‘em, some hate ‘em, but in my opinion, Delta is a quality airline with a quality miles loyalty program (Skymiles)!

Delta has a strong domestic and international route network, providing you with many options when it comes to redeeming Skymiles. Live in a Delta Hub city – like Atlanta, Boston, Cincinnati, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Salt Lake City, or Seattle? Then these cards are REALLY a no-brainer, as you will have access to large quantities of non-stop flights on which you can redeem your Skymiles.

So, without further ado, it is time to show you the fun part – what you can do with all of your new Skymiles!? 

Pick a destination, any destination!

Start by searching for award flights on Delta’s own website and take advantage of their 5 week calendar view!

Skymiles Calendar - ATL - NYC 20k
The Delta website calendar viewis great way to view potential award flights!

Need Suggestions on where to travel? AYP has got you covered!

Rep the East Coast

Delta ATL - JFK 20k
Round-trip ATL to the NYC for 20,000 Skymiles!

Cross the Pond in Style…

JFK - LHR 62.5k Skymiles (1)
Fly One-way Virgin Atlantic Business Class New York to London for 62,500 Skymiles!
Shoot some pre-flight pool at the Virgin Atlantic JFK Club lounge!

Up the Romance!

Atl - CDG 60k Delta
Atlanta to Paris round-trip economy for 60,000 Skymiles!
Hello Effiel Tower!

See another America… South, that is!

MIA - EZE 60k Skymiles - AYP
See Buenos Aires for 60,000 Skymiles… round-trip!

Be Weird (like my nephew)…

ATL - PDX 23k Skymiles
Round-trip East Coast to Atlanta for just 23,000 Skymiles!
fuller being weird
He says “Portland is really cool”… WEIRD…

Get Lei’d…

ATL - LIH 45k Skymiles
Round-trip East Coast USA to the Hawaiian Islands for 45,000 Skymiles!

Final Thought

Travel near, travel far, but first, apply for one of these increased Delta cards by American Express to get you there for (practically) free!

Delta Cards Increased Offers - AYP
Don’t delay, don’t miss this opportunity!

With the increased bonuses of 50,000 to 60,000 Skymiles, I hereby give you permission to break the 1st Starter Guide rule and apply without a travel plan/redemption in mind! So go ahead – apply now, travel now or later, just don’t miss the boat (plane in this case?) on this opportunity!

Questions on Delta, Skymiles, American Express, or any/all of the above? Find Accounting Your Points on Facebook or shoot me an email at accountingyourpoiunts@yahoo.com and I will assist you to the best of my ability!

Happy Travels!


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