About AYP

Derek Winter, author and founder of AcCounting Your Points, is a CPA (the reason behind the “Accounting” nod in the title of the site) with some experience and insight into the world of the miles and points industry with one goal in mind: to help you travel more while spending less! Derek has picked up an array of  points and miles techniques that have allowed him to travel around the country and the world for pennies on the dollar. And the best news is that he is willing to share them with you!

Here at AcCounting Your Points, we are open to all topics and all questions that you may have so never shy away from commenting below any post or shooting me an email at (accountingyourpoints@yahoo.com) with any question or topic you want covered/answered (chances are there are many with the same thoughts).

AcCounting Your Points specializes in developing custom made plans to achieve all of your travel dreams – from Credit Card Application Strategies to Award Travel Bookings, Accounting Your Points has it covered! And since we are so motivated to travel for cheap here at Accounting Your Points, we are sure to have the lowest prices out there!

Your next trip is waiting…


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