A Link for DOUBLE the Sign-up Bonus on the American Express Premier Rewards Gold!

For months now, the public sign-up bonus offer on the American Express Premier Rewards Gold has been a lowly 25,000 Membership Reward Points following $1,000 in spend in 3 months. While I would recommend a pass on this offer (and did so in my AYP Top May Cards), there has been some chatter of a link to a higher offer – to the tune of 50,000 Membership Reward Points following $2,000 in spend in 3 months! Now that’s an offer I DO RECOMMEND!

Amex PRG 50k - AYP

What to do with 50,000 American Express Rewards Points?

Remember that Singapore Airlines is a transfer partner of American Express and those 50,000 points leave you just shy of the 57,500 points need to experience the most amazing flight I have ever taken in Singapore Airlines Suites Class!

American Express Membership Point transfer to Singapore Airlines! Meaning Suites Class for you!

In addition to the 50,000 points, the card offers great spending bonus categories – 3X points for flights booked directly with airlines and 2X points at US restaurants, US gas stations, and US supermarkets.

Travel Catagories - AMEX PRG

But my favorite perk is the annual $100 Airline Reimbursement Fee – which can be used for baggage fees, seat change fees (and supposedly, gift cards as well – per flyertalk). Just make sure to set your airline prior to making your qualifying purchase!

Amex PRG key Benefits - AYP

While the annual fee is $195 per year, it is waived in the first year and essentially offset to $95 in following years if you factor in the airline fee reimbursement mentioned above. AND remember… since the card is an American Express card, you will have access to Amex Offers, which can cut down that annual fee even further – possibly even providing you with a net profit!

This offer is DOUBLE the points of the standard public offer and so worth a credit application that I did so myself – via my wife!

She applied just last week, and I was able to access this same offer just yesterday, so I can confirm that it is still out there!

But, here is the trick… you will most likely have to access the offer in a “private browser”. I have had luck using the Internet Explorer “Inprivate” browser window, so I suggest starting there. If you don’t have success right away, keep trying using other browsers like Mozilla and Firefox, then possibly attempt on a different computer with a different IP address (which is what my wife did when I had trouble on my computer).

InPrivate IE - AYP Post

Not sure what “private browser” means? It is really just browsing option that does not allow new cookies to be stored and allows temporary internet files to be deleted. Personally, I search and apply for all my cards in private browser windows, just so that previous cookies saved don’t impact my specific application or the bonus offers related to it.

Check out this site for how to access private browsing on the various internet browsers.

Not interested in the Premier Rewards Gold?

In addition to the Amex PRG, there are some possible offers for the American Express Everyday and Everyday Preferred that are worth checking out!

Final Thought

If you have been interested in the American Express Premier Rewards Gold then test out the link discussed above in a private browser window. I am so certain of the value in this card that I have held it in my wallet for 2 years now AND just had my wife apply for her own card last week!

Here is the offer link again!

Amex 50 pic - AYP

Tip – take screenshots of the offer prior to applying and confirm the 50k point sign-up bonus after approval!

Have questions regarding the American Express Premier Rewards Gold or about life in general? Email me at accountingyourpoints@yahoo.com and I will do my absolute best to solve ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you might wonder…

Happy Travels!


2 thoughts on “A Link for DOUBLE the Sign-up Bonus on the American Express Premier Rewards Gold!

  1. On top of that, you can see upped offers on the Amex Everyday and Everyday Preferred cards. Amex Green card has an offer. Amex Platinum is higher (though not as high as it has been in the past) and the other Gold card. Always worth randomly checking Amex’s website in the private browser to see what they may be offering people.


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