AYP Giveaway Winner!

Greetings! As a special welcome to new readers visiting as a result of my Million Mile Secrets Interview, I staged the very first AYP Giveaway!

For the giveaway, I invited new and old readers alike to send me a travel related question (or even a travel related statement) at accountingyourpoints@yahoo.com. Each person who contacted me was entered for a chance to win 2 FREE United Club passes!

Ease the pain of long layovers in one of the United Club Lounges!

These passes will get you (and a friend) admittance to one of many  United Club locations and will give you some reprieve from busy airport terminals! 

And the winner of the random drawing is Gloria! Congratulations to you and thank you for reading!

I look forward to many more AYP Giveaway opportunities in the future so make sure to always stay tuned!

Happy Travels! And thanks for reading!


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