Buy One, Get One [Cheap] Travel on Alaska Airlines with this AYP Giveaway!

Hey Everyone!

As part of my sign-ups for the Bank of America Alaska Airlines Visa Signature credit card, I have received multiple Alaska Airlines Companion Fare discount codes – allowing Buy One, Get One travel on Alaska Airlines!

Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card - AYP
This is a good sign-up bonus by the way!

Alaska Airlines has a solid route network making it a strong choice for West Coast flyers, and is also a great option for us East Coasters trying to get out to the Pacific Northwest without a connection! (Note: Alaska Airlines recently agreed to purchase Virgin America – meaning an even larger route network will soon be available!)

Check out the existing Alaska Airlines Route Map:

Alaska Airlines - Route Map
Heck, even Tampa has a direct flight to Seattle on Alaska Airlines!

While I would love to put the discount codes to use, I just have not been able to apply them to any trips that I want to take… which is where all of you come in!

I currently have 2 Companion Fare Discount Codes and am willing to part with them in order to help one of you travel cheaper!

To enter to win on of these BOGO discount codes, you can do one of the following:

(1) Enter your Email and click the button on the right to follow AcCounting Your Points

Follow AYP! - AYP


(2) Like AcCounting Your Points on Facebook

AYP Facebook!

(Note: If you already follow or like, comment on this post and let me know!)

From there, I will pick two people at random this Friday, August 19, 2016.

So, now that you know that I am giving these things away, what is the Alaska Airlines Companion Fare anyway!?

The Companion Fare is a discount code valid for one annual Companion Fare from $121 (USD) ($99 base fare plus taxes and fees from $22 depending on your Alaska Airlines flight itinerary) when traveling with another passenger on a paid airfare. Ok, so it is not a pure BOGO free… more like a Buy One, Get One for $99 (plus $22 in taxes)!

Any round-trip flight for $121 is A-OK in my book!

Why is this a big deal?

Well because even if a particular Alaska Airlines flight cost $500 per person, the Companion Fare discount can be applied – cutting the cost to $310 per person (($500+$99+$22 in taxes)/2 = $310)!

Here is a bit more about the Alaska Airlines Companion Fare Discount Codes for your reference:

  • The Companion Fare can be used when traveling on Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air.
  • Both passengers must be booked in the same itinerary
  • The Companion Fare must be booked in Economy Class (sorry, no First Class flying here!)
  • The Companion Fare can be used on Round-Trip or One-Way travel
  • You can change your ticket (to different dates/times) and keep the Companion Fare attached
  • Anyone can use the Companion Fare Discount Code (meaning I do not have to travel with you in order for you to use it!)

And here is how applying the code works!

Search for airfare for 2 travelers on Alaska Airlines and input the discount code:

Alaska Air Search - 2 People
Note the discount code field to the right!

You will be able to search your specific travel dates or see fares by calendar view:

Calendar View Companion Fare  - AS - AYP
I prefer the calendar view to see the lowest fares by month!

Select your dates and then select your flights:

Alaska COmpanion Non-stop Flights - AYP

See your total and checkout!

Price for 2 with Companion Fare - AYP
A total of $555 means $277.50 per person – not a bad  per person total for East Coast to West Coast direct round-trip flights!



For comparison, here is what those same flights would cost without the Companion Fare Discount:

Alaska Flight Price without Companion fare - AYP
Without the Companion Fare this itinerary would total $840 for two people… or $420 per person!

$555 versus $840…That’s a savings of almost $300!

Final Thought

I am giving away Alaska Airlines Companion Fare Discount Codes! If you want the chance to win one, just follow the AcCounting Your Points Blog, or like AcCounting Your Points Facebook page!

Good Luck to those who enter!

And Happy Travels!


4 thoughts on “Buy One, Get One [Cheap] Travel on Alaska Airlines with this AYP Giveaway!

  1. I already ‘like’ your page on fb! Keep up the great work – LOVE the blog and all of your recommendations are spot on! We are points people and have been to some amazing places!


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