Increased Amex Delta Offers end July 6th – and Why You Should Apply Before it is Too Late!

There are deals. There are good deals. There are great deals. And then there are deals of the century!

The increased credit card sign-up bonuses on the Delta Gold by American Express and the Delta Platinum by American Express (and the Gold and Platinum Business cards as well) fall into the great deal category, and are absolutely worth your application consideration prior to their expiration on July 6th – just a few short days away!


Delta Gold by American Express: 50,000 Skymiles after $2,000 spending in the first 3 months following approval, plus a $50 Statement Credit (on a Delta airfare purchase)! This card comes with a $95 annual fee, waived for the first year.

Delta Platinum by American Express: With the Delta Platinum Card, you will earn 60,000 Skymiles and 10,000 MQMs for $2,000 in spending in the first 3 months as a cardholder, plus a $100 Statement Credit (on a Delta purchase)! This card comes with a $195 annual fee.

With the Platinum you also will receive a Domestic Main Cabin round-trip companion certificate on your card anniversary, and have the ability to earn 25,000 Skymiles and 10,000 MQMs when you spend $25,000 in a calendar year (up to $50,000).

Why am I so sure that these cards are worth your application?

Good Advice Pic
Attention: FREE ADVICE coming your way!

I am glad that you asked…

(1) Because the sign-up bonuses will take you places – Have a travel goal? I am fairly certain that Skymiles can help you achieve it! In fact, I am flying on a Delta Skymiles award ticket right now as you read this…

Intrigued by the increased offers but not sure where you want your Skymiles to take you? AYP shows you what you can do!

JFK - LHR 62.5k Skymiles (1)
Take advantage of the Brexit and head to London! One-way in Virgin Atlantic Business Class will cost you 62,500 Skymiles… and $5.60!

(2) Because you should not be paying baggage fees – Both cards will earn you a free checked bag on Delta flights! Seriously, aren’t you tired of paying baggage fees yet!?

Checked Bag - Delta - AYP
Notice the BOLD – These cards will qualify you for a free checked bag – $25 savings each flight segment!

(3) Because you will earn a $50 (Gold) or $100 (Platinum) statement credit with a Delta purchase – What qualifies as a Delta purchase? Really anything processed by Delta – including gift cards purchased directly from Delta to be used on future flights!

Delta Credit - AYP
$50 Statement Credit… I’ll take it!

(4) Because of the cardholder perks –

(a) If you choose to apply for the Delta Platinum card by Amex, you will receive a Companion Certificate [fly a friend for free!] each year you have the card and have the ability to earn 25,000 Skymiles and 10,000 MQMs when you spend $25,000 in a calendar year (up to $50,000)!

Grab your companion and GO!

(b) Both cards provide you with priority boarding so you have plenty of time to stow your bags and settle in before your flight.

(c) Both cards provide you the ability to refer new friends and family to your card – earning Skymiles for them AND you – use my link for your Delta Gold application and I will earn Skymiles if your approved!

Referral - Delta - AYP
Refer friends for a Skymiles boost!

AND (4) Because you may earn additional Skymiles for no reason other than having the card!

Free 1000 Delta Miles - AYP
A free 1,000 Skymiles? Yes, please!

Oh and by the way, did you know Delta is the only U.S. Airline to offer all in-flight entertainment for free!? This is available to all passengers, not just Delta American Express cardholders, but is a pretty sweet perk and added incentive to FLY DELTA JETS!

Fly Delta Jets
FLY DELTA JETS – Just do it!

So…Delta Gold vs. Delta Platinum – Sold on the thought of a Delta Amex card but unsure of which to choose!?

Go for Platinum if:

  1. You are trying to earn Elite Status with Delta and need MQMs
  2. You want Skymiles and you already received a bonus on the Amex Gold (remember American Express card bonuses have a “once per lifetime” rule!)
  3. You can leverage enough value out of the Companion Certificate to offset the $195 fee

Otherwise, stick with the Delta Gold and the lower annual fee!

Delta Plane
Fly me somewhere… ANYWHERE!

Final Thought

These cards are worth the application, but make sure you get in on this before the offers expire on July 6th! Put my money where my mouth is? Or I guess it would be “put my credit application where my blogging is”…semantics, right?

Well, funny you should mention it! I already have the Delta Gold (meaning I cannot earn the bonus again due to the American Express ‘once per lifetime’ rule), but I am very much considering an application for my wife… as well as a Delta Platinum application for myself!

Follow your heart kid, and you’ll never go wrong…

Safe & Happy Holiday Travels! God Bless America




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