Redeeming 100k Hilton HHonors Points

With the Hilton HHonors Surpass American Express card bonus at a very attractive and enticing 100,000 HHonors points, you might really be considering an application, but still trying to determine what 100,000 HHonors points can really get you…

Though I cannot personally earn this bonus (since I have already earned the bonus on this same card in the past), I still thought it might be fun to use my “vacation imagination” and put together a few redemptions examples for those of you that are eligible for the bonus!

Generally, I like to use my points for high-level redemptions at aspirational properties like the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam or the Conrad Koh Samui (both of which I otherwise could not afford – both can cost over $700 a night!), but I think that this sign-up bonus could be more suited for mid-level redemptions and Points & Money Rewards for maximum comfort and value.

Here is the full HHonors Award Chart:

Hilton Award Chart - AYP

But we will focus on redeeming points for properties in the following categories:

  1. Category 3 – stay up to 6 nights (utilizing the Hilton Gold– status earned with the Surpass card –  “5th Night Free” benefit
  2. Category 4 – stay 3 to 5 nights (depending on the exact points required – and even more nights with Points & Money Rewards!)
  3. Category 5 & 6 – stay 2 to 3 nights (depending on the exact points required – and even more nights with Points & Money Rewards!)

See the full list of Category Properties here.

Redemption Option 1:

5 Nights at the Category 3 DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Sukhumvit Bangkok

DT Bangkok - AYP

With the “5th Night Free” Benefit on award stays, you can redeem Hilton HHonors points for 4 nights and get the 5th night without having to redeem any additional points! You can redeem 80,000 HHonors points for a 5 night stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Sukhumvit Bangkok, and still have 20,000 HHonors points remaining! Finding standard room awards for 20,000 was a bit trickier than I originally thought, but there are awesome redemptions out there that can be found with a bit of searching. The DoubleTree in Bangkok is a great property and earning a 5 night stay with one credit card sign-up is pretty amazing!

Redemption Option 2:

3 Nights at the Category 5 Hilton Curacao

Hilton Curaco - AYP

A three night redemption at this property on the Dutch Caribbean Island runs for 90,000 of the 100,000 HHonors points earned through the sign-up bonus. If 3 nights is not enough vacation time, my advice would be to keep up the earning of HHonors points in order to reach 120,000 HHonors points and redeem for a 5 night stay using the “5th Night Free” benefit, similar to the above!

Redemption Option 3:

2 Nights at the Category 9 Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort and Spa

Hilton Marco Island - AYP

 Looking for a summer beach vacay? Consider using points earned through your sign-up bonus on the Hilton HHonors Surpass from American Express to save money on lodging, leaving more room in the budget for (insert your drink of choice)!

While a 2 night redemption will cost you 100,000 HHonors points, my advice would be to stretch your points even further by taking advantage of the Points and Money Reward option, where each night will cost 20,000 points + $85! By using this option, you have to spend a bit out of pocket ($340 for 4 nights & 80,000 HHonors points, or $255 and 60,000 points for 3 nights), but you stretch your savings for a longer vacation and receive a superior point per dollar value!

Final Thought

A sign-up for the Hilton HHonors Surpass American Express card at this increased 100,000 point bonus will quickly boost your Hilton HHonors point balance and provide a jump-start to free travel! Whether you are planning a trip across the world (like to Bangkok, Thailand) or a Florida Beach trip (to Marco Island), chances are that there is a Hilton property wherever you are headed – making Hilton HHonors points a valuable asset to have!

Beach - AYP
Use HHonors points to save some serious cash on your next Marco Island Beach vacation!

Do you plan on taking advantage of this 6 digit bonus offer and boosting your Hilton HHonors point balance?

Be sure to comment below or send me any questions on how to account for your HHonors points (or other point currencies) to

Happy Travels!


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