Credit Denied… Please Reconsider!

Don’t Let Credit Card Applications End in Denial

You have been eyeing a certain credit card for some time now. You research the card sign-up bonus and benefits and determine it is the perfect card to fit your lifestyle. You know your credit score is strong and that it has been a while (at least a few months) since your last credit application and you have determined that the time is right to apply!

You fill out the application, press submit, and wait for that instant approval notification, but…

Your application is Pending?

Citi AA Pending - AYP
My Citi AAdvantage Application was “Pending Further Review”


Or even more worrisome, your application has been Denied?

Citi Denial - AYP
Citi “Unable to Approve” my recent Hilton Reserve card…

“Why did I not receive instant approval like I have in the past?”

There are a number of reasons why your application may not have received that delightful “APPROVED” message upon pushing the submit button, despite a stellar credit score:

  • You have too many recent inquiries
  • You have too much existing credit with the specific bank (the credit card issuer)
  • You made an error in filling out the application (for example, incorrect birthdate)

And I say this all from personal experience, as I have been told each of these things by credit card issuers!

Question Mark Trees - AYP post
Why won’t you just approve my application(s)!?

The main point to remember following a Pending or Denied decision is… DON’T PANIC! Your travel dreams have not vanished just yet, as you have a powerful tool available to you in order to turn a pending or denied application into an approval, and a brand spankin’ new credit card!

Enter: the Reconsideration Line!

Old School Telephone - AYP Post.jpg
Dial up the credit card issuers on the tele!

Reconsideration lines are contact phone numbers that allow you to speak with a live representative in order to process your application over the phone. These representatives are actual humans with the ability to reason and pass judgment (unlike our robot friends who process online applications)!

The phone representatives that operate the reconsideration lines are authorized to review your application, request additional information for consideration, and ultimately provide you with a reconsidered decision (hence the name “Reconsideration”).

Be Prepared when Dialing the Reconsideration Line!

Based on the reason that your application was sent to pending status or outright denied, the credit analyst may ask you a few clarifying questions, such as why you want the card for which you applied. Or, perhaps they may just have you verify information on the application and then take a little bit more time to review your application.

Be polite, answer his/her questions honestly, and please don’t tell them that you only want the card for the sign-up bonus…

Rather, cite some of the card benefits that you especially value (i.e. free checked baggage, 2x points on dining, etc.)   and perhaps highlight that your spending/travel preferences have changed recently and you are looking forward to taking advantage of these changes by utilizing (insert card type you applied for here).

Bags already fly free on Southwest… mention another credit card perk, like anniversary bonus miles, when applying for a Chase Southwest card!

Another tip – if the representative on the phone seems like they have had a rough day and aren’t communicating with you in a polite way, feel free to hang up and call again! You will likely speak with a different representative, and I, for one, prefer a friendly voice answering the phone when my credit application and travel dreams are at stake!

Final Thoughts

In my experience applying for credit cards (which I do very frequently), I have made numerous calls to the Reconsideration Line and have been approved all but once (due to Chase implementing their 5/24 rule – stating that you may only have 5 new credit approvals from ANY and ALL banks in the last 24 months).

Although calling the Reconsideration Line has provided me great value, there are some who believe that waiting out a pending decision (rather than calling) is equally as likely to result in an approval. In my opinion, I like my chances over the phone and I like the ability to sweetly and politely plead my case with a representative… But, to each his own!

Outside looking in - AYP.jpg
Don’t get stuck on the outside looking in on what could have been… Call the Reconsideration Line!

Whatever you decide to do – be prepared, be polite and be confident, and that new credit card should be approved and in your wallet in no time!


Here is a list of Reconsideration Phone Lines that I have gathered (comment or email me at if you have had any experiences with these):

Chase Credit Card Reconsideration

888-245-0625 Personal Credit Analyst

800-453-9719 Business Credit Analyst


American Express Credit Card Reconsideration

800-567-1083 Status of Application

877-399-3083 New Account Information


Citibank Credit Card Reconsideration

800-695-5171 Credit Analyst

800-763-9795 Personal & Business Application Status


Bank of America Credit Card Reconsideration

866-865-7839 Personal Credit Analyst

800-481-2877 Business Credit Analyst


Barclaycard Credit Card Reconsideration

866-408-4064 Credit Analyst


Capital One

866-408-4064 Application Services Line


US Bank

800-947-1444 Credit Card Underwriting Services


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