Check Out ‘The Flight Deal’ for Fare Sales!

The Flight Deal - AYP

If you are the type of traveler who lets the cheap price of airfare influence your next travel destination, then you have to check out The Flight Deal (and follow them on Twitter!). Each day The Flight Deal posts fare sales between any two destinations around the world! Each post on the site will provide you with the origin/destination, the fare availability (dates), airline, and how to search and book! That’s a ton of information that The Flight Deal puts together for you in order for you to be able to book these fare sales, the catch is that these sales are only available for limited amounts of time since these fares tend to sell out fast. If it is posted on The Flight Deal today then you can bet that the deal will be gone tomorrow (or the next day), so that is why it is best to book shortly after they post or a tweet a fare sale.

Here are some routes posted on The Flight Deal (as of the time of this post):

Flight Deal 1

Flight Deal 2

Flight Deal 3

The fares on The Flight Deal may have flight origins that are not your closest airport, which is why it is important to factor that into the overall cost of the fare as well. Tampa (TPA) is my local airport and although there is the occasional fare sale that includes TPA, most of what I see on The Flight Deal involves the larger airline hub cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, New York, Houston, Dallas, Boston, etc. I always like to keep some Southwest Rapid Reward Points stored up just in case I see an amazing fare sale on The Flight Deal and need a “positioning flight” – meaning a flight to get me to the origin city included in the fare deal!

If you have any questions on using the information posted on The Flight Deal or if you have other questions on how to always find the cheapest fare sales then post a comment below or send me a message at

AYP - View from the Window 2

Happy Fare Sale searching…


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