The When and How to Apply for Credit Cards – Part 2 “How”

“Free travel” with points earned from Credit Card sign-ups requires you to actually sign-up for credit cards, which is is why I came up with a 2 part series on “When” (check out Part 1 – The “When”) and “How” to apply for credit cards that will earn you those massive point bonuses that you can use towards more free travel!

Part 2 – The “How”:

Part 2 the how - AYP

A number of you have probably applied for credit cards in the past, but there are a few things that I have built into my application strategy that can help ensure applications are approved and ultimately that the sign-up bonuses are earned and in your account!

Some additional Advice on “How” to apply:

1. Take screenshots of the credit card sign-up bonus offer and spending requirement that you are signing up for. This will provide you with some evidence if there is ever an instance of the credit card company not keeping their end of the agreement. Make sure to do this at the end of the application when you receive your decision (approval or denial, just so you have record).

Cit Premier Screenshot

Citi Premier Approval

2.  Be honest in your applications and fill out all information completely. If the application requires you to input income then put your actual income (this can include income that you have “access” to – meaning your spouse’s income). Often times inputting income is not required, so you don’t always have to provide.

3. If you want to apply for multiple cards, try applying within the same day (or same hour), but make sure the applications are to different banks/issuers (i.e. American Express and Chase). The idea here is that if you apply for an American Express card the same time as a card issued by Chase (1) each of the banks will not be able to see that you sent an application to the other, and (2) the credit inquiry from first application will not yet be reflected on your credit report.

4. Don’t be satisfied with a denial! Most (if not all) of the major credit card issuers have a “Reconsideration Line” – which is a phone number that you can call and talk to an actual person, who will be able to reconsider your application and apply additional facts and information that the online application might not have considered, like why you are applying (don’t say that it is for the sign-up bonus… try to highlight some of the card features like “I’m applying because I plan to travel a lot and I really like the free-checked bag feature”). Check out the reconsideration phone numbers here.

And there you have it! You are on your way to the FREE TRAVEL of your dreams! 


For other tips and pointers on when and how to apply for credit cards, or if you have any specific questions on credit cards that you have been considering, please feel free to post comments below or email me at

Your free travel is waiting…


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